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Overarching theme: Climate Change Actions as a basis to attract ESG investments

The CoE initiatives is planned to be designed to enable PLCs to be better positioned to tap ESG funds that will be a critical new sourcing of financing, considering the impending global slowdown post COVID-19 impact.

As the core thrust of ESG financing is tied to the Climate Change agenda, these initiatives will focus on developing both leadership and practitioner capacity and competency in establishing, managing, reporting and innovating corporate climate change strategies and programs, that will qualify them for ESG funding pools

About Capital Markets Malaysia

As part of its developmental mandate, the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) set up the Capital Markets Promotion Council (CMPC) in 2012 to strengthen its internationalisation agenda for Malaysia’s capital market. In 2014, the SC rebranded CMPC as Capital Markets Malaysia (CMM) to spearhead both the local and international positioning and profiling of the Malaysian capital market with its wide range of conventional and Islamic products, supported by a strong governance infrastructure.

CMM profiles the competitiveness and attractiveness of the various segments of the capital market via a comprehensive and integrated approach to increase international participation and enhance opportunities for Malaysian capital market intermediaries. 

CMM engages with a wide range of international and domestic stakeholders of the capital market. Our diverse network enables us to connect local capital market intermediaries to foreign stakeholders and provides a global platform to position Malaysia’s unique capital market offerings and expertise. As an affiliate of the SC, CMM also continuously engages with the capital market regulator, providing market insights, business development and stakeholder engagement support to market development initiatives.

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