Initiative 1: CEO Roundtable


  • To identify CEO decision making best practices in developing sustainability centric businesses (climate change and beyond)
  • To identify key CEO challenges in convincing shareholders, employees and other stakeholders on sustainability ROI (climate change and beyond)
  • To identify best practices in CEO level engagement with ESG fund managers

Round Table Composition

10 CEOs of PLCs, possibly a Government Minister, a Sustainability expert and/or a Catalyst.


The Round Table will commence with a brief introduction by the Chair to the purpose of the discussion and the outputs we aim to deliver.  The moderator will then lead a semi-structured discussion over a period of c. 90 minutes on what the successes and challenges that the CEOs have experienced in incorporating Sustainability into the day to day operation of their companies in the last few years.   

This may for example include sharing the value of explicitly writing Sustainability into their Vision & Mission statements., shareholder engagement in investing for sustainability and developing a sustainability centric corporate culture. The discussion guide will be circulated in advance to all round table members


Sunway University Business School, Sunway University Press


A white paper/guideline on Sustainability Centric Decision Making for CEO

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