Stakeholder dialogue for CSR-SDG paper

March 20 – GCMY conducted a stakeholder dialogue with the American Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM), representatives from Starbucks, Pfizer, YTL, Sime Darby and Hasanah on bridging the gap between CSR and the SDGs, which will culminate in the publication of GCMY’s CSR-SDG guide for Malaysian companies.

CSR departments are have to undergo an expansion of their scopes to include the SDGs, and GCMY is taking up the responsibility to chart the path towards it. Watch this space for more updates on this programme. The Sustainable Development Goals provide a powerful framework for businesses to engage in corporate social responsibility. CSR policy was established to address the various development challenges. CSR and SDGs together have tremendous potential to develop an interconnected model for sustainable growth. There is a lot of overlap in the thematic development areas of both the SDGs and CSR.

SDGs have immense opportunities for the corporate sector’s participation. These goals are bringing private players from various sectors to achieve the common aim of sustainable development by exploring synergies between different stakeholders for cumulative synchronised growth. For example, when an organisation defines its CSR focus area on enhancing livelihoods through skill development training of women and youth, it is contributing to various SDGs like creating a means to end poverty, zero hunger, quality education, gender equality and decent work and economic growth.

Watch this space for more updates on the CSR-SDG linkage programme by GCMY.

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