The MAJU Framework was designed to help SMEs identify and leverage sustainability as a source for growth and adapt to globalization.


The Business Case for Sustainable SMEs


Sustainable financing is becoming mainstream with Bank Negara calling on financial institutions to account for climate risk.


Sustainable businesses continuously outperform others in every dimension and have proven to be more resilient.


Sustainable brands are synonymous with strong positive reputations that attract talent, customers, investments and loyalty.


Sustainable performance is being driven by innovation. Early movers develop competencies that rivals will be hard-pressed to match.

SME Guide to Sustainable Business

Through the use of our MAJU Framework, its various tools and guides, we’ve made it easy for you to take your first step by helping you make meaning, investigate, create, implement and improve your sustainability journey.

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Set your sustainable aspirations


Select activities that create impact


Keep track of sustainability performance


Innovate to raise your game.

Learn More About The Sustainability Approach

What is the purpose of the toolkit?
It is conceived as an easy step-by-step guide to help SMEs approach sustainability in ways that is more comfortable to them. The toolkit helps you with the basic knowledge to get you started.
Why the need for the toolkit?
Sustainability can be a rather complex subject, but it can no longer be used to dismiss our obligations to people and planet. The SME-SDG Toolkit helps overcome the lack of “Know-how” often cited as knowledge that resides with consultants.
Who is it for?
Anyone or any organisation with an interest to embark on their own sustainability journey. Access to the toolkit is FREE as it is provided as an open source knowledge. The materials are made to be as simple as possible without sacrificing the objective and intent.
Are the materials provided suitable for small business?
Sustainability is becoming mainstream. Though not all materials are made with small business in mind, it is used as reference. We endeavour to customize more tools that are fit for purpose.
Where can I go to for help to produce a sustainability blueprint for my organisation?

While one can come up with a reasonably good plan with the MAJU Framework and accompanying tools, Should you require group training or workshops, kindly write to for information on our services.