Though rooted in a good strategy, sustainable impact is delivered through careful execution of activities that create measurable results. A sound strategy should be transformed and enhanced during the implementation process, so if it’s perfect, it’s only because it was shaped by execution. The ACTIVITY stage is where the tires meet the road.

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Sustainability Actions Map

The sustainable actions map help you identify the various pathways to sustainability to get you started on creating impact. It provides guidance on applied concepts such as circular economy, transport, smart office, work from home, collaborative economy, zerowaste and more with tips on how to put ideas into action.

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Responsible Certifications Map

Beyond pledging sustainability, an enterprise may seek certification to remove doubts over its claim as a socially and environmentally friendly business. Products which are manufactured, harvested, or sold by a company will have to pass certain accepted standards and criteria to meet market demands. This resource lists the locally and internationally accepted names for sustainability-related certification.

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Design Thinking Essentials

While design thinking is often referenced as a tool for product development, it can be equally valuable at solving a range of enterprise challenges, including employee engagement, workflow inconsistencies and manufacturing bottlenecks—essentially, any complex, multifaceted problem with no clear solution. This guide helps you with the basics to approaching sustainable design solutions.

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