What gets measured gets done. It means regular measurement and reporting keep you focused — because the information used to make decisions that improve your results. Reporting or disclosure helps organizations to understand and communicate their sustainability impacts and performance to stakeholders, thus improving reputation and ultimately contribute to a more sustainable future.

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Sustainability SMART Goals

Setting key performance indicators (or KPI’s) is a well-known crucial process for any business. However, many ignore the potential to measure sustainability KPI’s. These allow you to keep track of sustainability progress and pinpoint any potential for improvement in the future. Use the resource provided to get you started on setting specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound (SMART) Sustainable KPIs for your enterprise.

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Sustainability Impact Tools

The world is on the agenda to create the world we want. Knowing where you activities impact on the Sustainable Development Goals help you play your part as an actor in the grand scheme of things. The simple tools provided provides a visual management of your impact areas.

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UNGC Communications of Progress

Transparency builds trust. Benefits include integration of sustainability into operations, improving reputation, internal information sharing and strengthened relationships with your stakeholders and investors. You may volunteer to submit annual Communication on Progress (COP) as a key component for transparency. As participants are all at different stages in their sustainability journeys, the CoP is designed to be flexible and caters for three differentiation levels based on depth of disclosures.

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