Sets the business foundation for helping to realise sustainability aspirations by grounding Business Purpose, Governance, and Strategy & Goals through selected management methodologies that align to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Complete the templates provided below to help frame your thinking as the first step in your sustainability journey 

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Sustainability SWOT Analysis

This is a short description of this toolkit. The Sustainability SWOTs used to drive action and collaboration on social, environmental and economic challenges frame real business risks and opportunities. Use it to engage and motivate stakeholders— particularly those who are unaware of the risks of business as usual and work across internal departments, suppliers, as well as customers to complete the template.

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SME Sustainability Management Framework

The normal sustainability deployment process starts by reviewing internal governance mechanisms and drafting policies that help sustainability flourish. The presence of an enabling regulation and structured process helps enterprises implement sustainability across business systems such as business planning, reporting, stakeholder management, finance, operations to ensure overall accountability.

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One-page Sustainable Business Canvas

In order to transform into a sustainable enterprise, it is essential to rethink, redesign and rebuild to respond to new priorities in the changing business environment. Enterprises must take heed of the positive and negative impacts the associated activities have on the environment and the society, in addition to their impact on profitability. This one page strategy is the beginning of your new organization.

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Sustainable SME Agile Culture

An Agile Organisation is one that is more reactive, does more with less, and ever ready to serve the interests of the market. The goal is to breathe new life into the organization by creating an environment that embraces creativity and innovation, empowering employees, and reducing unnecessary layers of management. Use this guide to help you imagine a new way of structuring your organization.

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Decision Making Matrix

Often, it is not easy to make the right sustainability decisions, given that you must balance resources with ambition. This tool helps evaluate and prioritize options using social, economic and environmental dimensions. It leads you to make the best possible decision with the facts that exist and the requirements that the organisation considers important. As a result, a good rational decision can be made, which all parties involved fully agree with.

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Materiality Tool

This is a short description of this toolkit. Sustainability does not have to be complicated. As the first step, understanding materiality – what matters most – is the key to finding your sustainability focus. Find out what the potential issues are by working with your stakeholders – customers, suppliers, investors – to create value and good will. Use it with great effect to create stronger relationships with your stakeholders.

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