Training and Development

We provide various bespoke talent development programmes to our members around corporate sustainability topics.

We provide various bespoke talent development programmes to our members around corporate sustainability topics. These include:

E-Learning for Sustainability

A global Learning Management System with hundreds of self learning topics focusing on the SDGs, Climate Change, Sustainable Finance & Gender Equality, accessible to your organization’s employees. Our system adopts an in-built gamification approach to ensure high levels of engagement and a user dashboard to track usage and learning progress

Creating Shared Value for Boards

A half day workshop designed to engage senior leaders on integrating ESG opportunities & risks as part of good governance process

Leadership for Sustainable & Responsible Business

A 1 or 2 days immersive workshop plug-in for existing leadership development programmes, focusing on leadership role in enabling sustainability culture and transitioning to a purpose driven organization

Sustainability Practitioner Certification

A 6 months Action Learning Project driven programme to equip Sustainability Practitioners with needed competencies and demonstrated acumen via implemented projects with visible impact. This is delivered via workshop and coaching sessions.

SDG 101 for all employees

A 2 hour session designed to engage large number of participants to onboard and align thinking to sustainable development and expected employee behaviours

Sustainability Risk Management

A 2 day workshop deep diving on managing sustainability risks within organizations with a focus on the new realities post Covid-19 recovery

Design Thinking for Sustainability

A 3 day workshop to fuse innovative problem solving approaches and sustainable development to enable best fit actions for SDGs implementation in organizations

Positive Climate Actions Strategies

A 2 day workshop focusing on creating organizational climate strategies and actions that are aligned to global frameworks

Reporting for SDG Impact

A 1 day workshop to identify best practice in reporting organization sustainability impact

Navigating and leveraging SDG tools for business excellence

A 1 day workshop to explore all publicly available SDG related tools that can support business strategies and deployment

SDG Ambition Accelerator

A 6 months programme to enable corporates to establish and implement ambitious sustainability targets based on UNGC SDG Benchmarks”

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